Terms of Service
Terms of Services

As you register with us for our services, you automatically agree to bind your self by our terms and conditions. Your registration with us will be treated as a negotiated and written agreement between breezepm.com and you. Thus, the following terms of services become applicable on you just as you use our services.

Breezepm has the right to change, update and reverse the terms of services any time. By availing our services, you also agree that all the revisions and modification done in the terms of services are also fully applicable on you without serving any notice to you. In order to enhance the quality and utility of our services, we may add new features and resources to it. You agree to use these new services at your own risk and breezepm will not be held responsible for your decision.

Following are the terms of services that you should carefully study before registering with us for our services.

Terms regarding your account
  • You must be an adult of 18 years of age or above to use our services
  • You should provide correct details to us while registering with us. Give us your legal name and a valid email address for signing up process. We reserve the right to terminate your registration with us for the services after we find your details inaccurate and insufficient
  • The sole responsibility of the content posted in your account and any activity going on it is entirely yours.
  • You will never use the account and our services for any illegal or unauthorized activity. You also agree to abide by the local, national and foreign laws meant for the services that we offer.
  • You will not copy or monitor our services through any means including automated devices and manual process.
  • You agree to never reproduce, resell or duplicate our services without our permission.
  • Once you cancel or terminate your registration with us, we will instantly delete data, content, text, documents, images and information from the service. After the cancellation of the service, all of your content will be lost for ever.
  • If your account remains unused for more than 90 days, it will be automatically be removed from our services for ever.
  • We do not charge any fee for cancellation
  • All the information, databases, code, design and layout services are the sole right of breezepm and you agree to it.
  • You have the intellectual property right over whatever content and material you offer in your account and we have no property right over it.
Terms related to warranty

Breezepm does not give any warranty about its services

  • We do not say that all your requirements and expectations will be met through the services.
  • We do not say that you will receive an error-free and bugs-free service
  • Do not expect that the service will be available uninterrupted, secured and free of faults.

By agreeing to use our services, you also understand that we shall not be liable to any damages of any kind including your financial losses while you use our service.

Terms of payment
  • To pay for the accounts, you must have a valid credit card, unless a specific mode of payment is allowed.
  • The service will be available on an advance annual payment and it will not be refunded. No refunds will be made on partial use of the service or for the unused period. We have the right to terminate you account in case of a non-payment of the dues.
  • The fees for our services are exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties. Responsibility of paying these taxes, levies and duties is entirely yours.

We expect you to adhere to these terms of services and that you have gone through them before using our services. These terms are applicable on the entire agreement between breezepm and you as long as you are with the service.

In case of any more information or question regarding the terms of services or about any aspect of the service, you are welcome to contact us at breezepm.com