Project Dashboard | Task List | Tickets | Messages | Files | Gantt Chart | Completion Report

Project Dashboard

  • Your Project Dashboard shows you all recent activities and the progress of workitems and delay, if any.
  • Project Overview
  • The system follows RAG [Red Amber Green] concept for showing the project's schedule informing you proactively on the status. It also gives you aglimpse of due & overdue items across the project.
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Task List

  • Tasklist allows you to plan your project by creating tasks and assigning them to resources.
  • Task Overview
  • It lets you define a planned start & end date for the task besides the effort estimation to help you plan better. Late items are marked in red to attract attention and the tasklists are shown along with their % complete.
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  • Tickets allow you to manage workflow oriented workitems.
  • Tickets
  • Customize and Color code your ticket categories for quick visibility. Define custom statuses to adapt the tool as per your process rather than the other way round.
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  • Centralize all your project communication instead of losing it in disperse emails.
  • Messages
  • Its a mix of email & discussion forum capability allowing you to send messages to desired people or broadcast messages to the whole project team.
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  • Share files with your colleagues and maintain different versions for subsequent updates.
  • File Manage
  • Sort & filter the views the way you want. Upload new versions, download any of the versions of the file.
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Gantt Chart

  • Track your project in realtime using our simple Gantt chart.
  • Gant Report
  • Mouse over on any item shows you more details of the task.
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Completion Report

  • What has been completed so far, you can check that in realtime from the completion report.
  • Completion Report
  • The report helps you gauge the project progress at milestone, tasklist level giving you higher visibility on hte project progress.
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