An Insight into Breezepm! - 17 09 2009

Breeze Private beta is all set to help IT professionals to assign tasks, schedule milestones, upload and share files, manage bugs/CRs, track project status and many more. We have come up with this dynamic software to make work management easy, simpler and faster. Breezepm acts as a perfect project management and collaboration tool that can be setup on your server or local network. With this magnificent software, you can create your own workspace where everything will get managed with fewer clicks.

Amazing features in breezepm:
  • Get correct and consistent project status- We allow you to easily track the progress of any project, forecast completion date and enable you to get schedule variances.
  • Assessing and making changes in the assignment- Now you can update your assignments without opening a different page. “My Assignments” section enables you to update your assignment whenever you want.
  • Planning and scheduling- Using WBS based task planner you can plan your projects effectively. You can view the schedule through GANTT chart and resource loading charts.

Besides these few mentioned features, we have taken a one step forward by integrating breezepm with iphone and windows mobile. Now you can access your breezepm platform on your iphone wherever you go. We have undertaken unique and innovative strategies to integrate breezepm in iphone considering the display and GUI and other elements to provide error free service with all features.

It would be better if you take a tour of our website to get acquainted with all its features as special images and screenshots help you to get information on how to try your hands over the software.