What is Breezepm? - 17 09 2009

Breezepm is a web-based project management and collaboration tool that provides IT teams to easily organize, manage and track their projects on a central location. In this fast pace business world where IT companies are busy in handling several corporate projects, there is always an effort to carry out project activities like tasks, milestones, and others in a simpler and less time consuming manner.

Some of the traditional project management tools present do offer rich features but lack the flexibility of operating all activities with fewer clicks. Keeping this deficiency in mind, we have come up with breezepm which is simple to use, feature rich, affordable, and have quick to response support service, an area where most of the other tools suffer.

Why Breezepm?

Breezepm is one of the emerging world-class online service enabling professionals to work on a simpler and powerful tool to work smarter. It is the perfect way to keep track of issues, tasks, files, timesheets and feedback via emails which are important elements in any business organization. Through breezepm, you can easily track how much work is left uncompleted, how many hours an employee is working on a particular project, who is working on which projects, where is all communication related to a particular project and what’s holding back any specific project.

What we aim to offer?
  • A perfect project collaboration tool to make business processes organized for increased productivity
  • We emphasis on sharing rather than duplication
  • We offer the freedom to access projects from anywhere.
  • We use innovative and advanced technologies to make things easy for our clients
  • We believe in offering prompt, reliable and humble customer service